With total security, your best memory

For us, the most important thing is the well-being of those who visit us. For more than 15 years we have been working to create memories that last over time and now, more than ever, we want to do it again. It is for these reasons and with the responsibility of always doing the best job possible, for which we have developed the necessary protocols and adapted to the new reality, so that you and your family can enjoy the same experiences in complete safety.

The moment in which we find ourselves requires an extraordinary effort to maintain the levels of quality and satisfaction that characterize us and that is why, following the recommendations indicated by the competent institutions in the field of safety against diseases such as COVID-19, We have adapted prevention and hygiene procedures to guarantee maximum safety for our clients and employees.

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              Training courses

We carry out continuous training and adaptation courses to the new work methodology for risk prevention against COVID-19 for all our workers, both online and in person. Actively collaborating with specific services for this purpose and adapting them to our work systems and methodologies to achieve free work environments.

                                                                                             distanciamiento social

                                                         Social distancing

For photography, a close-up is not necessary. Taking advantage of the technique that our work offers us, we can obtain better images, with different depths of field through social distancing, always maintaining a distance greater than 2 meters. Only for the support in the placement of the characters and for a better composition of the image there would be a lower distance and that will be duly treated with the necessary PPE.
In the sales process, we continue to maintain the necessary distances, either by placing the monitors of the counters at opposite ends and placing in the center of it a protective separation screen and with the signals to maintain the necessary distance.
In the sale of the personalized magazine we will keep the appropriate distance, giving the client the possibility of placing the magazine in a safe container, when they do not want it, to later be destroyed.

                                                                                                                                                                  dotacion EPIs

                                                                                                              Endowment of PPE

Following the responsibility that characterizes us, we protect all our workers with the necessary material for their safety in the workplace, providing them with hygienic, surgical or ffp2 masks according to their preferences, hydroalcoholic gel for their personal use and for clients (VIVITA ALOE ), as well as the specific disinfectant cleaning material for surfaces in common use or that may be susceptible to cross contamination.



With the contribution of all our collaborating workers, companies and hotels, Labor Mutual, Occupational Risk Prevention and following the instructions of the Ministry of Health, our COVID-19 protocol covers all work areas, from hygiene and disinfection to work centers. , daily temperature taking, constant airing of rooms, separation of fixed workstations and promoting telework for greater safety.

In printing processes, whether they be photographs, where sulimination reaches temperatures above 250º C or the printing of personalized magazines, where the fuser of digital printing reaches 200º C, guarantees us the total disinfection of the delivered media, which together with the constant cleaning with hydroalcoholic gels ensures a clean delivery.

We have also developed protocols for the logistics of our products, which begin with handling and packaging for transportation, vehicle disinfection, and end with the delivery, return, and subsequent destruction of surplus material.

Business commitment

Our commitment includes collaboration with local companies, both in the Canary Islands and Andalusia, for the acquisition of the necessary materials such as disinfection products, PPE and social distancing, in addition to our suppliers in order to help our business fabric to overcome the situation. current.