About us

MyHolidays magazine is a company headquartered in Canary Videotravel belonging to the group, production company specializing in tourism and leisure.
For more than 10 years work and collaborate with tour operators, travel agencies and leading hotels in the industry, as well as with the various government agencies of the tourist.
A young team, dynamic, highly qualified and best technology, is delivered to improve and update all content. Our motto "teamwork"
our mission "to improve Diia day" to offer the best memories of your life.


 Thanks to them and their efforts are helping to preserve our memories.

Our professional and personal concern is what motivates us to develop quality products that will last and gain value over time. However, we know from our own experience to teach friends and family on vacation video or photos we made during the trip (today with digital cameras, 300) is a little tedious and boring and it is Therefore, what makes MyHolidays a very special magazine because it contains all the information of the destination, with our picture on the cover of more than 12 photos and memories provide us with the information of the hotel where we have stayed. All this in a nice format for me quickly and very suggestive, which also makes it the ideal gift for family by closest.
Now, your friends will want to come to your house to watch and share with you the photos of well-deserved vacation.